Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What to read?

Alexis and I went to Barnes and Noble today. Book shopping is one of our traditions; every time she visits, we go book shopping. Sometimes I have to work very hard to get her interested in reading. Today, that was not the case.  She knew exactly what she wanted - Thea Stilton books!  She choose two books she has been waiting to read (How I love those words - waiting to read!) and one of the Geronimo / Thea books. 

As we walked to pay, Alexis spied another set of books.
"That's what I've been wanting!"

"Do you want to put back one of the Thea books and start The Land of Stories series instead?"

She carefully considered her options and decided to stay with the Thea Stilton books because she knows she likes them. They are funny.  

As we walked up to pay for our books, we agreed to save The Land of Stories for this summer; we could read the series together.

Right now, as I write, Alexis is finishing Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. She is anxious to start one of her new books....but, we agreed, it would be silly to not finish the last 12 pages of this book. 

Our reading identity changes throughout our life and is often influenced by the people around us. Alexis does not read a lot at home but, when she visits us, she reads.  We go to the library and the bookstore.  We read together before bed.  She sees us all read when we have free time.  Alexis takes joy in the fact that she is a reader - and so do I!

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for the opportunity to share this slice of my life.


  1. Love this! And love that she has the chance and opportunity to read whenever she visits you!

  2. Love the description of going to the bookstore, always a favorite place for me!

  3. Nothing better than visiting a bookstore with another reader! Sounds like you guys had a good time!