Sunday, March 12, 2017


Earlier today, Rod and I sat in the living, listening to our daughter, Lauren, help her friend set up a budget. 

Lauren has had her financial set-backs over the years.  She moved back home a while ago as a means to pay off some bills and get back on her feet.  She has worked hard to live on the budget she and her dad created.  She has learned that the budget works - she has paid off some debts and is able to save money AND plan a vacation.  Budgets work!

Lauren asked her friend all the important questions: What is your goal? What debts do you have?  What do you spend your money on?  Not surprisingly, her friend was not able to account for where much of her money went. Lauren explained that she should track all of her spending for a month, so they could review her habits and adjust her budget, if needed.  She recommended her friend allow her enough spending money to enjoy herself but not so much that she could not save money every month.

Lauren came downstairs to get her budget notebook to share with her friend. Rod told her how proud he was of her; he remarked how much she had learned.

Growing up is hard.  The world is not always a friendly place. Our children are starting their lives with greater debt than my husband and I have ever had, with the exception of purchasing a house.  

Sometimes, as adults, we have to make hard choices - - like moving back home to save money.  I am so proud of our daughter. She has learned a valuable lesson that she is now sharing with her friend.

It's a good life!

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for the opportunity to share this slice of my life.


  1. Kudos to you on raising such a responsible girl. Isn't it our hope to know that our teaching moments (both and school and home) make a difference. Especially now knowing the lesson is good enough to pass on to someone else.

  2. Look up YNAB (You Need A Budget). Glad your daughter has gotten her budget under control. :)

  3. I have sons that are 21 and 23. I think I need to help them start budget notebooks because they stink in this area!

  4. What a lovely story of life-learning. And if she can teach someone else, it means she's truly learning -- way to go, Mom and Dad!

  5. Phyllis,
    This slice illustrates the fact that "when you can teach something to someone else, you know the content"! Kudos to your family. Doesn't mean the path is straight and easy. Just means that we can always learn and the first effort failing may make it easier to "try another way"!