Saturday, March 4, 2017

Seeking Spring

My favorite season, without a doubt is summer. I love the heat. The freedom of time.  The opportunity to dig into a subject and really study it.  THE BEACH.  Barbecuing.  S'mores.  Reading outside on my hammock or chaise lounge.  Bike rides. Hikes.  Exploring new neighborhoods.  You get the picture.

Spring comes in a close second because spring ushers in summer.  Spring hints at the delights that await us. Flowers start to bloom.  It's warm enough to walk into town for coffee.  Browse a neighborhood's shops.  Grade papers on the deck.  It's a close second to summer.

I live in the Chicago-area.  Our weather is erratic.  We can have a 70 degree day and then, two days later, be back to brrrrr.  Today - possibly snow.  By Monday - back in the 60s.  This season - the transition between winter and spring - is my least favorite.  Winter seems determined to hang out well past its welcome.  I want to retire my boots that, several months ago, I couldn't wait to wear.  My warm fluffy coat that I am so thankful for during cross-guard duty?  Done.

I want sandals and sundresses.
I want to bury my toes in the sand.
Impromptu gatherings in the deck.

But I live in the Chicago-area. So, for now, I wait.....and enjoy the brief glimpses of what is to come. Knowing that, before I know it, I will immerse myself in the magic of summer.

For now,  I will be satisfied with a hint of spring.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for the opportunity to share a slice of my life.


  1. Living in a land of eternal summer there is a lot about seasons I miss (but winter is not one of the things I miss). I can understand your impatience and remember the "almost" spring days fondly. I love your seasonal images!

  2. The storms are coming with this, oh, so bizarre winter. Hope you miss the Monday tornados!